Howard Tan

In association with Howard Tan we proudly support the Women's Centre for Change in Penang, Malaysia. We donate 20% of the sale price in AUD (ex shipping) of Howard's Art to this very worthy organisation.

Please follow this link to read about the wonderful work they are doing.

Howard is a soulful, predominately abstract photographer who was born in Penang in 1974. He is our first partnering artist.

He is self taught and his unique flair and eye for capturing the ordinary and making it exraordinary has resulted in major exhibitions in Penang and the Island of Langkawi, where there is a permanent showing of his work in the world renowned Four Seasons Hotel.

A wide range of subject matter filters into his work, from major historical buildings in Malaysia and Langkawi to character filled stray cats and dogs, landscapes and the old quarter of Penang - where he lives and works for most of the year.

A vital component in the majority of his work is colour and how it behaves in the photograph.

Many of Howards photographs hover between abstract compositions and reflect a timelessness, almost a slowing down of pace and time, that keeps the viewer interested long after the photograph has been taken.

Much of Howard's interest in photography grew out of the work of movie directors Wong Kar Wai and Tim Burton.

By Keith Hockton


2006 - The Gallery, Little Penang Street Market, Penang

2007 - Penang Remembered Photography Exhibition, Alpha Utara Gallery, Penang

2007 - The Gallery, Little Penang Street Market, Penang

2007 - Small Works, Big Show, A2 Gallery, Penang

2008 - The Gallery, Little Penang Street Market, Penang

2009 - The Gallery, Little Penang Street Market, Penang

2009 - Birds, The Exhibition of Birds (25th July) Pitt Street and Armenian Streets, Penang

2009 - The Art Gallery, Four Seasons Resort (Since August), Langkawi


2008 -2010 Photographs on Bon Ton Resort & Temple Tree Resort, Langkawi

2009 Photographs on Straits Collection  and Bon Ton the shop, Penang

2010 Photographs on Penaga Hotel, Penang


2011 Penang, An inside guide to it's historic homes, buildings, monuments and parks in collaboration with Keith Hockton.