Recently I was fortunate enough to travel to the Kingdom of Cambodia.

The Temples of Angkor are an awe inspiring sight

The feat of engineering and level of exquisite craftsmanship beggars belief.

It is a place not to be missed.

The rainy season is just ending and the waters of Lake Tonle Sap are vast.

Bright green rice paddies line the edges of the roads and farmers work their land. My guide tells me that you can always tell a good farmer because the farmer is skinny!

I look at him quizzically and he explains that if the farmer is skinny it means he works hard to look after his cow and therefore the cow will be fat, not the other way around. We both smile. 

It's hot and dusty and the tuk tuk hits as many pot holes as it misses but life's good.

There is a sense of unbridled optimism that becomes infectious when talking with Cambodian people.

Despite the horrors of the civil war, landmines and poverty; These beautiful and resilient people look only to the future with hope and gratitude.

 It is a humbling experience and one we could all benefit from learning from. They have their vision firmly fixed upon a bright future and are now becoming the change they wish to see.

A New Year Update

We would like to congratulate our friends at Khmer Ceramics and Fine Art Centre on their wonderful achievements in 2016. With your help we would like to support them in their efforts to do even more in the year ahead.

Because everyone deserves to win!

AAF Ending January 2017 on a very positive note!!

We are very proud to announce that in association with Howard Tan we proudly support the work of the Women's Centre for Change in Penang, Malaysia. The WCC works tirelessly to eliminate violence against women and children, and to promote gender equality.

See our "Artists and Charities" page for a link to WCC Malaysia to see first hand the wonderful work they are doing!!