Asian Art Forum has just begun its journey. We support Asian artists and their communities.

We partner with both emerging and established artists purchasing their artwork and shipping to Australia.

Via our online shop we are able to take orders for art work and arrange shipping to your door.

Our overheads are low so we can offer high quality unique and or limited edition art at very affordable prices.

We respect our artists and pay them their full asking price as nominated by them in their own studios and stores in their home towns.

We then offer to nominated charities within the artists own community 20% of the value in AUD (ex shipping) of that particular artists work sold from this website. This money supports vital ongoing work within the community.

Please see our link on the "Artists Page" to view our nominated charity in that region.

Our first collaboration is with a very gifted and well respected Malaysian photographer and artist, Howard Tan.

To learn more about Howard please refer to "Our Artists" page

It is our intention to continue to seek out collaboration with other artists in different regions and with this in mind we will be travelling to Cambodia in November 2016 to investigate new sources.

If you love to surround yourself with beautiful high quality art and would like to support the endeavours of these artists in helping their own communities; we'd love to partner with you to make this happen.

Because we believe everyone deserves to win!